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SpeedSF Thunderhill West

Link at bottom of page, you are required to look at all the good shots we pick before getting to the link :D

Thanks for waiting patiently for the photos. I actually had two guest photographer came in to shoot. Standford Kwan was shooting in the morning, and Trevor Ryan was shooting in the afternoon. Setting up the photo folders with multiple watermark is a bit tricky so it took a bit more time. For people who regularly attend SpeedSF events, you're probably have enough my style of photos. So it's great to have a different perspective.

Here are their favorites that they capture in this event

Photo by Standford Kwan

Photo by Standford Kwan

Photo by Trevor Ryan

Photo by Trevor Ryan

The day was really hot. So hot that grass caught on fire for a short moment, and Thunderhill staff quickly put it out. I picked two locations and shot until 2PMish, there's a group of 86's who wanted to do group photos after the event, then Trevor and I also did rolling shots with them for fun. 

There are two locations where people hops, turn 3 and turn 5. And between me and Trevor we got both. 

Turn 3 by Trevor Ryan

Turn 5 by Bill Wang

That is how you go fast, or at least look fast. 

For the 86 group, here's your group photo and some really good rolling shots. 

For future SpeedSF events, if you have a group or want to do some rolling shots, let us know. We'll try our best to make it happen. 

Link to all folders here. 

Enjoy, be sure to check out Stanford and Trevor's photo folder also.  

SpeedSF event provides free photo with their logo. If you are posting on social media, please tag #speedsf. Photos without logos are available for purchase, click on the green buy button, you can purchase downloads, prints, and other stuff. 

Cars with same number are sometimes put in the same folder.  If you can't find yourself, check the untagg folder.

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