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SpeedSF Laguna Seca

Having track events on Tuesday doesn’t stop people from coming to SpeedSF event! Lots of NSXes this time, I wish I knew ahead of time because it would be a cool group rolling shot.

I have shot three sessions for all groups, if you can’t find your photos, check the untag folder. For group D, I’ve only shot at cork screw, the session after lunch. Photos with SpeedSF logo are free for personal use. You can purchase logo free digitals or prints at the link below.

Trevor Ryan joined me shooting photos this time, so check him out at this link. He should have photos posted soon after his finals. I first met him last Fall, and have followed his facebook post since. I have been shooting alone, figuring things out on my own for far too long. It’s really nice to have someone to talk to about photo stuff! And besides talking, hopefully you can see something new from the photos below.

Several new things this time:

1.       Shooting at new locations

2.       Long exposure

3.       More time spent on editing on a few photos below

4.       Since there will be multiple SpeedSF logo photos by different photographer, I finally spent the 30 minutes to work with smugmug on a proper resolution watermark.

Trevor showed me the technique people use to shoot drifters with very slow shutter. Aim at cars with the hotshot instead of looking through the viewfinder. When shutter opens , viewfinder blacks out. Those half second panning shot won’t work if I can’t keep the car in the same spot. So I played with this for a while and got something usable at 1/6 seconds shutter. Normally, I wouldn’t try anything lower than 1/40. So thanks Trevor, for pushing my limits.

I feel I have improved after just working with Trevor for one day. That is really cool, it doesn’t matter what skill level or experience, we can learn from each other and improve. If you are a photographer, hobbyist, enthusiast or a pro, come shoot with me at SpeedSF. I’ll bring media vest next time, you can stay in my garage if you live far. Message/email me. 


All Photos here.

If you want me to do some more edits on your photo, like the ones above, let me know. 

Don't forget to check out Trevor Ryan's website, he will post his photos later this week.

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