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SpeedSF Laguna Seca

Happy Lunar New Year!

This event was extremely exciting for me. First time selling prints on site, found a new window at turn 10 and strapping myself in my wife's Subaru with the liftgate open to do rolling shots! 

It took a team of people to make this rolling shot happen. So big thanks to Patrick for getting approval from the track, Leo for bringing the coolest car, Soheil for driving, Geoff for coordinating with track staff, Lin for taking podium shots, and Gary for talking Leo into it. The transmission was broken, Leo thought he couldn't do the shot, while I was walking away, Gary yelled "come back", and then I explained we didn't have to drive fast, just go in 2nd gear and drive around 30s. 

I think this is the best shot, will try again next time for a sharper shot. 

I've learned a lot in these two laps. Will do a detail write up in my blog.

Before the rolling shot, I've also took a long walk from corkscrew. To my suprise, the lock at turn 10 is finally fixed, I could get in and found a new window. Here are some cool shots with in this new area. I will work on getting everybody these shots next time. 

Lead instructor Andrie Hartanto, hitting apex at turn 3 so hard that wheels are lifted off. I wish the camera was faster to catch it mid flight. Need more FPS!

hitting the apex hard

the landing

Get your photos here

A bunch of cars with hard angles to tell car number. still uploading

speedsf winners photos - still uploading

Important note: prices are going up starting next event. Single digital download will be $20, Gallery download will be $40. Adjustments to prints products will also be made. SpeedSF has been very generous in supporting me but I also need to make photography a sustainable business. I want to keep doing this, improving and trying new things which benefits everybody. My stuff are definitely not as expensive as car stuff, but to give you an idea, the fisheye lens for panorama shot at corkscrew cost $1200, the lens for recently new close up at turn 3 cost $2500. Hope you all understand, and I thank you for all the support. 

Photography stuff will be in blog. 

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