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SpeedSF Sonoma

Lots of photos and lots of people show up for this weekend. 

If you were there both days, Saturday and Sunday photos are shot at different locations. Link is at bottom.

Turn 10
Turn 8 outside
Turn 6 entering and exit inside

Turn 8 inside
Turn 6 outside
Turn 2 outside

I was on vacation in most of October before this event. Still a bit jet lagged, everything still feels a bit foreign as I walked to the first location. That feeling went away quickly as I started shooting.

 Found a new place to shoot on Sunday. Turn 6 inside, it's great for panning. Probably half of the people got a good panning shot. Not this slanted though, I must be losing balance as I was taking this. You can crop/rotate your photo if you want it like this. 

Panning at turn 6: 1/40

Also did panning at turn 2 for experiment. Going up hill.


I have shot turn 8 both inside and outside. If you compare the photos, I think shooting from outside makes the track look more intense, showing more S. 

There is another good location for turn 8. You can take this without photographer access. It is at the spectator's seat around turn 9, with a long lens (300mm+) you can get something like this. 

Lastly, a shout out to this guy driving his RV during the parade lap. Look closer, he's even wearing a helmet. 

Get your photos here. Photos with logo are free to download. Right click save. 
You can also purchase all photos without logo with gallery download. 

Let me know if you want to purchase photos for both days. I can send you a discount code. 

Saturday photos

Sunday photos

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