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SpeedSF Thunderhill

It was nice to be back at Thunderhill! It has been over a year since last SpeedSF event held here. Moving up the award ceremony to lunch time is a great idea. From now on, all event pages will be divided section below. And I will not post without writing down my thoughts, because I will never do it after the photo link is posted. Writing down thoughts and experience is important for improving myself and some people actually like reading stuff.

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Here is the car that won the Coolest Car Award

Other good photos

These guys drove a lemon! The car cost $500. 

Free photos paid by SpeedSF

You can right-click save any photos you see in this link. A small SpeedSF logo is on top left on all photos. If you have to crop the photo, please remember to give credits to SpeedSF. If you want photos without any watermark, you can purchase individual download or gallery download. 

Link to all photos

2015 SpeedSF Banquet

Ordering Prints

All prints will not have watermark by default. Email me if you like to have watermark on your print. 

Thinking about getting a large print? Let me know. We don’t spend a lot of time on each photo because there are so many of them. If you’re going to spend money on a large print with any of my photos, I would gladly take another look at your photo and probably do some finer adjustments.

Stuff about Photography

I knew the two locations where I needed to shoot for this event, so I went right to it. Turn 11/12 in the morning when it’s still cloudy, and then turn 10. The hardest part about this track is moving around. Unlike Laguna Seca where I can drive myself to all the scenic turns, Thunderhill is mostly walking. Walking in mud after lots of rain is almost impossible. Had my electric unicycle to move around the paved area for the first two locations. I thought about walking to turn 5 but decided to walk around the paddock meet people, look around, and shoot some cars and people.

Pretty Fast First Place - Soheil, going off line to give me a wave. 

And the winner chosen at random to receive a free track day is....

And the winner chosen at random to receive a free track day is....

This guy!

This guy!

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