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SpeedSF Laguna Seca

Skip the reading if you're just here for pictures. Link's at bottom. 

It is the season of giving, so free 6x4 prints was given away to everybody who stop by our table. All photos digital and print is covered by SpeedSF, just another benefit that you get with running with this awesome group. 

There's another reason for free print, I was experimenting with numerous photography related things. So if most of your pictures are blurry, I hope you at least walk away with one sharp print. 

I was shooting with the intent of minimizing the number of photos, one panning shot per car instead of 3-4 shots per car. Shooting with new 150-600mm lens on mono pod. Shooting at turn 3, turn 4 and breaking zone before corkscrew. Not part of my experimenter, but the sun is at least two hours ahead of summer time, forcing me to shoot with a lot of sun. All the cars look whitish from the glare.

The new lens made it possible to shoot at those three new locations. I think some of these turn out great. Haven't got the consistency for everyone, but I will work on it. 

Tilting camera while shooting also helped. This picture is turn 3, a right turn, I still couldn't decide which looks better. Tile left or tilt right?

Close up was never part of my routine because I never had the reach. Now that I do have that option, how close is too close? 

The struggle between difficult dramatic shots (high chance of blurry pictures) vs sharp (but static) pictures is constantly in the back of my mind. I chose to be adventurous this time. From not knowing where to stand, how to shoot, what range to shoot at, it took around 600 shots to get to what I feel is right for this location. Just need to remember, practice and repeat until I can consistently get this shot for everybody next time. Hopefully more people will get better photos next time at this spot. 


Saturday Photos - Turn 6, Corkscrew outside, turn 11

Sunday Photos - Top of Corkscrew and inside corkscrew, Turn 1, 3 and 4

Remember to check the no tag folder if you think you should have more photos. Cars without tag in front or back also goes here even if you have tags on side. 

BlackTrax SK2 Group Photo

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SpeedSF Laguna Seca
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SpeedSF Laguna Seca