CHH 1st Annual Pinewood Derby

I have always been shooting f/11 or higher on race track. However, this was not a normal track. It's indoor with uneven lighting. Shooting at 1/1000 sec puts me at f/2.8 ISO 3200. 6fps is not fast enough for these race cars. I have to time my trigger right before they cross finish. The second frame usually is too late, so I had to time it right on first frame. There's also another person with iphone 5S shooting video at 120fps and it even can playback at slow motion... it's pretty cool.     

What to bring next time:

1. Laser trigger - locate at finish line

2. Flash - on camera

3. Tethered shooting - show image on projector after camera triggers

If you want full resolution of all the pictures, click here. 

Pre-Race Weight In/Practice 

Race Day

Final Round!